How to do Current Measurement for Yokogawa EJA530E Pressure Transmitter ?

Updated Mar 23, 2018

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  • C Series Current Input Module
  • NI-9203


  • LabVIEW


Yokogawa EJA530E

Issue Details

Yokogawa EJA530E has 3 pin configuration for power supply and current measurement in 4-20mA configuration.
How to connect it to external power supply and how to measure current using NI current measuring module?


To do current measurement you should be having an NI current measuring module which suits your measuring signal specification. For more details, you can refer Current Measurements: How-To Guide

Referring to Yokogawa EJA530E terminal configuration, connect terminal 1 to power supply positive, terminal 2 to power supply negative.

Figure1: Terminal Configuration (Courtsey: Yokogawa Electric Corporation)

Connect terminal 2 to common or ground of NI current measuring module, e.g. 9203 and connect terminal 3 to any one of Analog input channel of NI 9203.

Figure2: Check meter Configuration (Courtsey: Yokogawa Electric Corporation)

Above picture shows a typical connection with power supply and an ammeter.


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