How to do Multiple Moves With Third Party Motor VIs

Updated Mar 26, 2018

Issue Details

I am using a third party SDK in LabVIEW to control my motors and I want to do multiple subsequent moves so that they do not overlap. How can I accomplish this?


In order to ensure that one move does not start before the next you may look into whether or not the 3rd party SDK you are using has a "Is Task Done" or "Done" function that you can use to check to see if the move is completed and if so move to the next phase.
You can implement a flat sequence structure with a wait (ms) VI in a new frame of the flat sequence structure after each of your moves is initiated and give it enough time to wait so the move can finish before it starts the next move.

Additional Information

NI does not directly support 3rd party drivers or SDKs.


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