Cannot View InsightCM™ Server Data using DataExplorer

Updated May 11, 2018

Reported In


  • cRIO-9068


  • InsightCM Data Explorer
  • DataFinder Server
  • NI InsightCM 2.0

Issue Details

I am having issues starting the NI DataFinder InsightCMDatafinderServer instance and cannot view my data on the InsightCM Server. The DataFinder Server Edition (DFSE) instance is not starting automatically when the server is booted and it stops immediately when starting the service from Windows Services or the DataFinder Manager. The DataFinder error logs might also be throwing the following error:

ASAM ODS server: Cannot start ASAM ODS server (61): Unexpected exception occurred.


This behavior is a symptom of the InsightCM DataFinder instance being corrupted. Complete the following steps to resolve this behavior by deleting and manually recreating the instance:

To apply a new application image to your CMS-90xx device, please complete the below steps: 
  1. Open Windows Services and confirm that the NI DataFinder 2015 Index Service is started.

  1. Open the DFSE Manager 2015 as an administrator, delete the InsightCMDatafinderServer instance, and then close the DFSE Manager.

  1. Open the command prompt as an administrator, and navigate to: C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM\
  2. Run command cscript DataFinderServerSetup.vbs

  1. Launch the following application: C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\InsightCM\Special DFSE Optimization\DataFinderHierarchyOptimization.exe.
  2. In DataFinderHierarchyOptimization, select InsightCMDatafinderServer, and then click Enable.
  3. Once the optimization is complete, a pop up window will display InsightCMDatafinderServer optimizations have completed successfully. Afterward, close the application.

  1. Open DataFinder Server Manager 2015 as an administrator. Double click on InsightCMDatafinderServer. Configure each search area and change the client path to the correct UNC path of the search area. You may have to delete and re-add each search area for the proper UNC path to be selectable. Click OK after making the changes for each search area. Please see the NI InsightCM™ Server 2.0 Readme for more information on configuring the UNC paths for the DataFinder.

  1. Select InsightCMDatafinderServer, click Settings and then Start Options. Setup the start options for the DataFinder to run as Administrator user and check the box to Enable autostart.
  2. Select InsightCMDatafinderServer, click Start. Click Refresh, and you should see the status change to Indexing.
  3. Once the DataFinder has completed indexing, the instance is now up to date and will serve data to the DataExplorer.


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