Dynamically Create XNET Database for Multiplexed Signals

Updated Apr 25, 2023

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  • LabVIEW



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How do I dynamically create an XNET database for multiplexed signals? 


You can configure multiplexed signals through property nodes. The steps to define dynamic signals in the frame transmitted with a given multiplexer value are outlined below: 
  1. Create a subframe in the multiplexed frame using XNET Database Create (Subframe).vi. 
  2. Set the multiplexer value in the subframe using the XNET Subframe Multiplexer Value property. 
  3. Create dynamic signals using XNET Database Create (Dynamic Signal).vi to create child signals of this subframe. 

Additional Information

For more information about any of the XNET properties, please consult the NI-XNET Hardware and Software Help.