Channel Names Not Visible in DIAdem Data Portal Structure View

Updated Apr 5, 2018

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  • DIAdem

Issue Details

For some reason, the names of some or all of my channels have disappeared from the Data Portal Structure View.  When I switch to List View, I can see all of them just fine, but in the Structure View, they have become invisible.


If your channels names have disappeared from your Data Portal Structure View, but you can still see them in the List View, try checking the following:
  • If your Data Portal looks like the image below, then right click the name of the loaded file at the top of the portal.  In the context menu, deselect the Display Only Pinned Groups/Channels option.

  • If your Data Portal looks like this image, then you have accidentally resized the width of the channel column and can bring the names back to the normal state by widening the column.  To do this, click the vertical line spanning the vertical length of the pane, and drag it to the right..


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