Can't Save Data on Soft Front Panel of NI-Scope

Updated May 3, 2018

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Issue Details

I am trying to save data from the soft front panel of NI-Scope. The data displays properly, but when I click File -> Save Data, the soft front panel hangs momentarily, and the Save dialogue box does not open. What can I do to enable saving data?


Typically, this hang comes when the user tries to save data while there is an uncleared error. For instance, if a measurement in the measurement panel is throwing an error and this error is not fixed, you will not be able to save. Verify that the box in the corner of the measurement screen is green, indicating there is no error.

If this error persists despite the error indicator being green, you may have a corrupt configuration file. Start by opening the soft front panel on a device or computer that works properly. Go to File -> Save Configuration. On the computer or device exhibiting the hang, go to File -> Load Configuration, and choose the file you saved. This should clear the behavior and enable saving.

Additional Information

This behavior may also correspond with an error message, such as "niScope Fetch 1<ERR> specified channel is not enabled. cannot fetch waveform from disabled channel." This error must be cleared before saving data.


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