Encountered an Improper Argument when Running Autorun.Exe

Updated Jun 29, 2018

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio

Issue Details

I am trying to install National Instruments software, but I keep getting an error dialog saying that I "Encountered an Improper Argument". The header shows it is associated with Autorun.


This can happen if another installer/uninstaller is running. If you open task manager, make sure there are no other installers/uninstallers running. Stop these installers/uninstallers from running, and then rerun the autorun.exe.

Additional Information

If the above step did not work, you can also install through the setup.exe. This can be in two different locations:
  1. If you downloaded the zip folder then it should be in the same location as the autorun.
  2. If you ran an EXE that unzipped the files for you, then you can find the setup.exe in C:\National Instruments Downloads\<program you want to install>

Running the setup.exe will install the same things as the autorun.exe.