Column Expansion Check in NI-SWITCH Software

Updated Apr 6, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-2532B
  • TB-2640B



Issue Details

I have 2 PXIe-2532B switches and I use 2 NI TB2640B switch modules. I want to create 4X256 channel matrix using the two switch blocks. I followed the online tutorial on matrix expansion and connected the row headers. J5 of switch 1 to J4 of switch 2 and used J5 of switch two connected it to the NI SCB-2640B. However I am not sure if the expansion has happened. Is there a way for me to use NI SWITCH panel and see if the column expansion has occurred?


There is no software solution to check whether or not column expansion was successful. Our software will not enumerate the switches as one expanded system. However, the best way to check is to use a DMM to check the continuity in the rows and columns using a resistance measurement, i.e. pick a row and check the continuity with a few columns from the first switch and then a few columns from the second switch (with the same row). If the test passes, they are successfully connected.


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