Is the PXI-6528/9 Digital Voltage Threshold Software Selectable?

Updated Apr 6, 2018

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  • PXI-6528
  • PXI-6259

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I am looking for a 60 V DIO device that has a software selectable voltage input and output range. The only cards on the website that are capable of handling 60 V is the PXI-6528/9. Can you change the digital voltage threshold for these cards?


These cards are not programmable or software selectable. There is a section in the specification sheet saying that "applying a DC voltage of at least 3.2 V across two input terminals registers a logic high" and then proceeds to tell you what a voltage low and tristate level is for the module. This is implying that for a TTL-like signal, a "high" is going to be considered essentially a DC voltage and it will trigger a high at 3.2V and above. 


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