Reading Timestamp from TDMS File Returns Default Values

Updated Dec 8, 2022

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • DIAdem

Issue Details

I have a TDMS file that contains a channel of time stamp data. When I open the file in Microsoft Excel using the Excel Addon or in DIAdem, the timestamp data appears normal. However, when I open the file in LabVIEW and read the time stamp channel, I see the default time stamp value as shown below instead of the actual timestamps:


Ensure that wherever you are writing the time stamps to the TDMS file, the raw floating-point value of the timestamp is less than 34,618,060,800. This value corresponds to a time stamp of 6:00:00.000 PM 12/31/3000, which is the largest time stamp that LabVIEW can display.

Additional Information

Some programs that write time stamp data to TDMS files may use a different time stamp format. If the raw floating point value of the timestamp is greater than the maximum value for the LabVIEW time stamp data type, then LabVIEW will show the default value of 00:00:00.000 PM MM/DD/YYYY rather than the expected time stamp.