Does My Device need To Be Repaired?

Updated Dec 20, 2018

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  • PXIe-5644
  • USB-8451
  • USB-8452
  • cRIO-9068
  • cDAQ-9181
  • PCI-6221
  • PXI-7851

Issue Details

I may have damaged hardware from National Instruments, how do I confirm this is the case?


Users can send their devices back to National Instruments for a malfunction or when they are damaged.

In the case where the hardware is not actually damaged or malfunctioned the device will be returned and declared as NTF (No Trouble Found), this can occur for several reasons. These could include incorrect use of the product, product not correctly calibrated, driver or software related issues, external hardware interference and environment etc. 

To prevent the product being sent back as NTF, please review the following steps to ensure correct procedures have been followed. This will cover the most common causes for an NTF return.

Review the user manual to confirm the product is being correctly used and check the Troubleshooting Section of the user manual for additional information. You can search for user manuals here.
  1. Try to do some cross testing if you have another board, cables, chassis or computer (with the right drivers installed).
  2. Check for any visible damage or the calibration date for incorrect measurements.
  3. If you have any doubts, contact your local National Instruments branch to talk with the technical support team.
  4. The section below lists the products that are typically incorrectly diagnosed.

If the board is out of order, then you need to provide a Meaningful Problem Description which includes:
  • Steps to Reproduce
  • Description of narrowed down System Setup
  • Exact failure description
  • Debugging steps taken
  • Example (usage)

RF boards:
This kind of product are complex to use and to diagnose. Due to some additional shipment time and for fixing this product, we highly recommend validating the issue with your local branch.

NI 845X:
No I2C Communication, make sure you properly set up Pull-up resistors. Some modules contain some pull-resistors internally (programmatically activated) or you need to add them externally. 
For more information, please follow this link :
Enable NI-845x I²C Pullup Resistance

Network devices (RT):
article lists several steps to connect your NI Network devices to your computer.

DMMS/ 784x/ 785x /SCXI chassis:
These type of boards contain fuses. We recommend our customers to review the user manual to get a better understanding in how to replace the fuses.

Incorrect measurement with my DAQ device:

Unexpected Voltages, Floating or Crosstalk in Analog Input Channels
For calibration requests, you can view the articles below

MXI boards:
MXI boards create an extension of the PCI bus. You may experience some communication problems due to compatibility issue. There are several steps to do before sending the board to RMA.


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