Why Do My Physical Memory Access Functions Always Return a Status of 0?

Updated Mar 22, 2018

Reported In


  • LabWindows/CVI

Issue Details

The Physical Memory Access functions from the Utility Library always return a status value of 0. This is new behavior that my application did not exhibit previously.


  • ReadFromPhysicalMemory
  • ReadFromPhysicalMemoryEx
  • WriteToPhysicalMemory
  • WriteToPhysicalMemoryEx
  • MapPhysicalMemory
  • UnMapPhysicalMemory

These functions in the Utility library are no longer available after installing Security Update 5Q5FJ4QW. LabWindows/CVI 2012 and later includes the security update. The update removes the functionality of the Physical Memory Access functions to eliminate a security vulnerability. An application running on a system that has Security Update 5Q5FJ4QW will now return a status of 0, even if the application was built on a system that does not have the update. 

Additional Information

If you have additional questions on this topic or are unable to resolve a problem with this new behavior, please contact National Instruments support.


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