Where do I Download LabVIEW Student Edition?

Updated Jan 18, 2019

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I have recently purchased LabVIEW student edition and I would like to download/activate it on my computer. I have searched online but I cannot find a download link for the Student Edition of LabVIEW. I do not have a physical copy of the student edition software or I would like a download link I can send to my colleagues/students.

How do I download the Student Edition of LabVIEW and how do I activate it?


LabVIEW Student Edition does not have a direct download link. To download and activate the student edition of LabVIEW, you should begin by downloading the Standard Edition of LabVIEW that you would like. Follow the steps below for a full method:
  1. Install the Base Version of LabVIEW for the year of your choice from the LabVIEW Downloads Page
  2. Once the product has installed, activate it using your serial number for LabVIEW Student Edition
  3. You now have LabVIEW Student Edition Installed and Activated


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