Missing "New TCP Master" When Using Modbus

Updated Mar 16, 2018

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  • LabVIEW




NI Labs Modbus API "NI Modbus Library"

Issue Details

I have a Modbus device I want to control from LabVIEW. I developed a VI to do so, it works fine on my development computer. When moving the VI to a different computer, there seems to be a missing module: There is a node with a gray question mark on the Block Diagram. It is the "New TCP Master". What module do I need to install to get this working?


"New TCP Master" is an instance of "Create Modbus Instance.vi" from NI's Modbus Library.

There are two possibilities to install this library:
  • Installing the library via VI Package Manager. Open the Package manager and search for "modbus library". Select the appropriate package and install it.

Additional Information

  • NI Modbus Library is not an official product from National Instruments and not supported by National Instruments.
  • NI Modbus Library depends on NI-VISA.
  • When NI's Modbus Library is installed, you can add the New TCP Master node to the Block diagram either using Quick Drop typing "Create Modbus Instance" or by using the Functions Palette:


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