How Can I Compare Two Versions of a LabVIEW Project?

Updated Oct 27, 2023

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have two different versions of the same LabVIEW project which I would like to compare to find any differences between them. Is it possible to compare two projects in LabVIEW?


There is no built-in tool in LabVIEW allowing to compare LabVIEW Projects. However, there are possible workarounds to identify project-level differences.

  • Compare the hierarchies of the main VIs of the two projects by selecting Tools » Compare » Compare VI Hierarchies
  • Compare the two .lvprj files by opening them with a text editor. The LabVIEW project file can be viewed as an xml file
    • Although this is not a built-in tool, this method allows you to compare non-LabVIEW files in the project as well, whereas built-in tools do not.

Additional Information

  • You can compare specific VIs within your project to give you more granular information using the VI Comparison Tool and LVCompare.exe
  • Consider implementing source code control in LabVIEW to improve software management practices.