Which LabVIEW Edition Do I Need?

Updated Jun 16, 2020

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  • LabVIEW

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  • I need to purchase a LabVIEW Development System license and I am not sure which edition or version I need. 
  • What are the differences between LabVIEW Base, Full, and Professional?


Considerations for which LabVIEW Development System and LabVIEW version you need includes (but is not limited to) software add-ons you intend to use, hardware you will be communicating with, and your use case (personal, professional).

Additional Information

Notes on LabVIEW Development Systems and add-ons:
  • While some features are inherently present in one edition, they can sometimes be included in another at an additional cost. For example, only LabVIEW Professional features the Database Connectivity Toolkit, but this can be added to either the Base or Full edition, for a lower cost than the LabVIEW Professional Development System.

  • The LabVIEW Application Builder is included only with LabVIEW Professional Edition, and not with Base or Full. However, code written in any LabVIEW Development Environment edition can be built into an installer or executable using the Application Builder.

  • There are add-ons that are not included in any LabVIEW edition. For example, the LabVIEW Real-Time Module is not included with the Full or Professional editions and needs to be purchased separately.

  • Not all modules are compatible with all the LabVIEW editions. For information on which LabVIEW Development editions are compatible with your module, check the System Requirements section of the module's readme.

    • For example, the LabVIEW Real-Time Module requires the LabVIEW Full or Professional Development System and will not work with the LabVIEW Base Development System. Whereas, some modules are compatible with all LabVIEW Editions, like NI-DAQmx.