Programmatically Enabling the Output on a NI PXIe-4610 Amplifier

Updated Apr 3, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-4610


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I would like to turn on/enable the output of an NI PXIe-4610 using LabVIEW. How can I do this? 


To enable the output you need to use the DAQmx Physical Channel Property Node.

1. Place a DAQmx Physical Channel on the Block Diagram
2. Drag it down to show 2 properties and set these as:
ActivePhysicalChans and AO.PowerAmp.ChannelEnable
3. Place down a DAQmx Create Virtual Channel
4. Right click the Physical Channel input and select create constant
5. Delete the wire between the newly created constant and the Physical Channel input
6. Wire the constant into the ActivePhysicalChans input for the DAQmx Physical Channel Property Node
7. Wire a true constant into the AO.PowerAmp.ChannelEnable

Additional Information

If you right click ActivePhysicalChans and hit create constant, you will notice that it does not automatically enumerate the module outputs. Therefore, we need to carry out steps 3-5 in the solution.

If you would like to control a different output channel, duplicate the property node and change the ActivePhysicalChans to the output channel you require.


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