NI TSM-101X Power Requirements

Updated Sep 9, 2019

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  • TSM-1012
  • TSM-1017
  • TSM-1015

Issue Details

What is the power consumption of my TSM-101X touch screen monitor? I cannot find the specification, and the data sheet lists that it needs 9-36V and a "UL Listed ITE Power Supply marked LPS".


The TSM-101X series consumes a maximum of 60W power.
Depending on the input voltage used between the range of 9V and 36V, the device's maximum current is between 6.67A and 1.67A based on the equation: Power (W)= Current (A)* Voltage (V).

Additional Information

See the Specifications: NI TSM-101x document for further details about NI TSM-101X.