Import Properties from Excel in TestStand using Property Loader Step

Updated Oct 21, 2020



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  • I am using the Property loader step to import properties from an Excel file. How do I create the file from which the step reads from? 
  • I would like to save the default values of my File Global variables. How can I create a file for them?

In order to create a excel spreadsheet with the correct syntax from which you can read from using a Property Loader step is to first of all create a Test sequence. Ensure all the names of steps are as you would like. Then export the properties as an excel file.

The following is how you would do this:
  1.  Create the desired Test Sequence
  2. Run the Main Sequence ensuring that it passes Analyzing and Execution.
  3.  Import/Export Properties - Tools >> Import/Export Properties...                                                                                                                                                                                               
  4. This will open a Dialog Box. Ensure that you select Export on the left hand side. You can then go into the Property Selector tab to choose which variables from the sequence will be exported to the file.Edit the Export Options as required, then click Export to create the property file.

Note: The properties can also be stored as a .csv, .udl or .txt file if required.

5. Then place a property loader step before your test sequence. As shown in the example. in step settings you can then point to this file and it will load in properties as specified in the file.

6. You can navigate to the location specified in the Export Options window and edit properties in this file as required.

Additional Information

To dynamically create properties that are not currently in TestStand change the "When Property Not Present In Destination" to "Create"