How Do I Connect My Resolver to My DAQ Equipment?

Updated May 8, 2024



  • PXIe-4340
  • SCXI-1540


  • NI-DAQmx

I have a resolver that I would like to connect to my NI Data Acquisition (DAQ) hardware. What is needed to setup this measurement with my current device?

A resolver is a transducer that measures angular displacement by outputting an analog signal. Only one module (PXIe-4340) explicitly supports taking resolver measurements, but there are also other measurement methods than can give similar results.
  1. Take advantage of the 4 analog inputs on the PXIe-4340 which can be specifically used to take both resolver and synchro measurements. There is an example written for measuring angular position with a resolver using the PXIe-4340.
  2. The SCXI-1540 is another recommended module for reading a resolver and has a diagram for the proper connection method within the user manual. There are examples using this device for RVDT, LVDT, and resolver found in our legacy NI-DAQmx shipping examples.
  3. Directly connect the resolver outputs to any analog input channel on a capable DAQ board. You would need to do all of the necessary calculations for conversion in the software to read the resolver position correctly.
  4. Use a third party analog to digital converter specifically used for taking resolver measurements and connect the signal to a counter channel on a DAQ board.