IMAQ Write File 2 Saves Washed-Out PNG Image

Updated Jun 15, 2018

Reported In


  • Vision Development Module

Issue Details

When I save a PNG image with IMAQ Write File 2, it looks washed-out.


First, make sure you are acquiring the image as the appropriate size. This can be set with the "Image Type" input of IMAQ Create or by using IMAQ Image Bit Depth.

If these do not work, try using IMAQ Extract to remove the top row of pixels from your image. Sometimes this row can be filled with invalid data, which changes how the image is processed.

Additional Information

The latter case above may be caused by outlier pixel values in your image. When these outliers exist, LabVIEW may scale the image to include all pixel values, causing the original range of pixel values to appear washed out.