How Do I Make a Waveform Ramp Up and Ramp Down

Updated Mar 14, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I want to make a Waveform that starts by ramping up to a certain value and then stays at that value until I click a button. Then I want it to ramp back down to the starting value at the same rate that it ramped up in the first place. 


A state machine architecture can be used to solve this problem. First state is "ramp up" and it will increase the start value each loop by an increment that is set by the user. Once it gets to the specified value it will switch to the "flat" state which will maintain that value until a stop button switches it into its final "ramp down" state. This state will decrement by the same value that it incremented by originally until it gets back to the starting value at which point the VI will stop. 

Additional Information

The state machine is one of the fundamental architectures NI LabVIEW developers frequently use to build applications quickly. Developers use state machines in applications where distinguishable states exist. In this case the waveform can be broken up into ramp up, flat and ramp down states. 


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