Compiling Text Code That Interacts with DAQ Device Asks for NIDAQmx.lib

Updated Dec 17, 2018

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  • C++

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I have some C++ code to interact with my DAQ device. While using the MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB™ software to compile the C++ code, it asks for NIDAQmx.lib or libNIDAQmx.lib, yet I could not find any. What kind of software needs to be installed to get that library?


Interacting with an NI DAQ device requires NI-DAQmx installed on the computer, which is the driver for these devices. This driver contains NIDAQmx.lib.

Therefore to solve the issue:

  • Select a NI-DAQmx version that is compatible with the used hardware, with the operating system and with other National Instruments software on the computer (such as LabVIEW). This information can be checked at the readme file for the respective NI-DAQmx version.
  • Download and install the NI-DAQmx version to the computer. 
  • On the installation process make sure to select custom installation and then to install support for .NET framework (which is the one that supports C++ code).

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