How to Generate, Insert and Replace Values in DIAdem

Updated Apr 25, 2023



  • DIAdem

  • I want to replace the values of a block of rows in a particular channel using Diadem. 
  • When copy paste or generate values in a channel, the values get inserted and not replace, how can I replace the values?

Inserting Values

  • You could manually copy paste any number of values/rows from other channels.
  • In-case you want to insert in a specific location in the channel, you could use the Goto function in Diadem. Right click on one of the channel value->Goto-> navigate based on rows or Goto->Channel Value to navigate based on channel values.
  • In-case you want to insert sequence of values, use the Generate function. Right click on one of the channel value->Generate. To understand using the Generate function, refer to the Generate Channel Contents and Insert Values help document.


Replacing Value

In order to replace any specific set of values in the channel, you need to select the block of values before pasting or generating. To select a block of values, you could either manually select them or use the Select Block.. function. Right click on one of the channel value->Select Block..