Cabling Options For SC Express Cards

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • SC Express Module Standoffs
  • PXIe-4357

Issue Details

I have an SC Express card like the PXIe-4357 and I want to know if there is a different option to connect signals to this card besides using the Front-Mounting Terminal Blocks.


The SC Express cards are designed to work with specific connectivity configurations. National Instruments recommends to use the cards with its respective terminal block. Front-mounting terminal blocks with screw terminal connectivity offer a simplified path to taking measurements. These devices are keyed to match with the appropriate SC Express modules and include alignment fins that guide the connector onto the PXI Express modules. The terminal blocks are automatically recognized in software, which adds to productivity by decreasing setup and troubleshooting time. 

If you don't know which terminal block matches with your SC Express card you can check the information of this white paper.


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