What Products Does My Serial Number Provide

Updated Mar 7, 2018

Issue Details

Is there a way to review what products are available from my Serial number?


In order to view what the product includes, there are two options:

Option 1 - Register the product:

1) Where Do I Find the Serial Number of My National Instruments Product?
2) Register your Serial number
3) Once registered you will now be able to view the package assigned to the Serial number.

Please note once you have registered, registeration will take upto 24 hours 

Option 2 - Renew Software:
By visiting the renewal webpage you have the option to input your serial number, and the package available will be shown. Please see below:

1) Visit Renewal webpage and insert your Serial number:

 2) Here you will see your package, Click the select package to view contents:

3) In this example using Embedded Control and Monitoring Software Suite, the Overview displays the list of included suites within the package.

Additional Information

National Instruments has introduced new NI software suites to improve your experience with combinations of NI software. This document provides information to help you decide which software to use in place of the older Developer Suite packages.

NOTE* If you are aware of the package you are using and simply would like to know what is included in the package please click onto the Overview Tab in the product page. 


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