Archived:Accessories to Access the Motion and Digital I/O Lines of My 73xx Series Motion Controller

Updated Apr 3, 2018

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What accessories do I need to access the motion I/O and digital I/O lines on my 7330, 7340, or 7350 series motion controller?


The type and number of cables needed to access all motion and digital I/O of a 73xx motion controller depends on whether you are using a 7330, 7340, or 7350 series controller.  The 7330 series and 7340 series motion controllers come with two high-density, 68-pin female VHDCI connectors: one for the motion control lines and the other for the 32 digital I/O lines. The 7350 series controllers which have four high-density, 68-pin female VHDCI connectors: two for the motion control lines and two for the 64 digital I/O lines.

Accessing Motion I/O

The cable needed for the motion control lines depends on whether you will be using a UMI-7764 or UMI-777x motion interface board, or a MID-76xx motor drive. The UMI-777x and MID-76xx have a high-density, 68-pin male VHDCI connector for motion I/O, so you would need the SHC68-C68-S cable shown below.
  • SHC68-C68-S (P/N 186380-02): 68 pin VHDCI to 68 pin VHDCI; used with MID-76xx and UMI-777x.
The UMI-7764 has a larger 68-pin .050 series connector, and requires the SH68-C68-S cable shown below.  This is the same cable which is used for most DAQ boards.
  • SH68-C68-S (P/N 186381-02): 68-Pin VHDCI to 68-Pin .050 Series D-Type; used with UMI-7764.
Accessing Digital I/O

There are two ways to access the digital I/O of your 73xx motion controller. You can use a typical connector block, such as the SCB-68. These connector blocks use the same SH68-C68-S cable as the UMI-7764, mentioned above. Each SCB-68 provides access to 32 digital I/O lines. Therefore, for the 7350-series motion controllers, you would need two SH68-C68-S cables and two SCB-68 connector blocks to access all 64 DIO lines.

Alternatively, you can use the UMI-777x. A SHC-C68-S cable is used to connect the Digital I/O connector of the motion controller to the Digital I/O connector on the UMI-777x. The UMI-777x has a 25 pin female DSUB connector that can then be used to access 16 of the 32 DIO lines on the motion controller. This method reduces your DIO channel count by half, but does provide optical isolation for DIO circuitry, unlike the SCB-68. 
  • SCB-68 (P/N 776844-01); used for accessing DIO on 73xx motion controller.


Additional Information

For a PXI-7358 and a third party amplifier (drive), you will need the following to access all the motion I/O and digital I/O lines individually:
  • 2 UMI-7764
  • 2 SCB-68
  • 4 SH68-C68-S Cables


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