How Do I Set the Address Dip Switch on My SCXI Chassis?

Updated Apr 5, 2018

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  • SCXI-1000
  • SCXI-1001

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How do I set the address dip switch on my SCXI chassis?


On newer versions of the SCXI-1000 and SCXI-1001 chassis, you set the SCXI address using a dip switch. On older versions of the same models, you set the address using internal jumpers. The new dip switch is located on the front face of these chassis. 


Additional Information

The November 1996 and later versions of the SCXI Chassis User Manual have information on configuring the dip switches. You can get the latest manuals from our website at the link listed below.

Address setting is only required if you are using a multi-chassis setup, connected to a single DAQ device.


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