What is the Default IP Address of my USRP RIO Device?

Updated Mar 19, 2018

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  • USRP Software Defined Radio Reconfigurable Device



Issue Details

The NI USRP RIO based devices can be controlled over PCI Express or over ethernet.  When I use the SFP+ ports to connect via ethernet, I can not see my device in the USRP Configuration Utility.  What is the default IP address of the USRP RIO and how should I configure my ethernet interface?


The default IP address for the USRP RIO will differ depending on which ethernet port you are using (port 0 or port 1) and which fpga image you are using.  The below table shows the default IP address for the USRP RIO in its different configurations as well as how to configure your network adapter:
Ethernet InterfaceUSRP Ethernet PortDefault USRP IP AddressHost Static IP AddressHost Static Subnet Mask
GigabitPort 0 (HG Image)
Ten GigabitPort 0 (XG Image)
Ten GigabitPort 1 (HG/XG Image)

Note: The HG FPGA image sets up port 0 for 1GbE and port 1 for 10GbE.  The XG image sets up both ports for 10GbE operation.