No Values Read from DAQ Device with Executable Built in LabVIEW

Updated Mar 20, 2018

Issue Details

I have an executable I built with LabVIEW. This executable reads data from a DAQ device. This works fine on the development machine, but when I try the executable on another (deployment) machine, no values are retrieved from the DAQ. 


Ensure that the hardware attached to the deployment machine is configured the same as it is for the development machine. 
Particularly, ensure the names are the same in NI MAX for the hardware and any modules.

Additional Information

A mismatch in the names for a DAQ device or module, however small, will result in the code not being able to find the specified DAQ device or module.
For example, a name of "Mod1" on the development machine and "Mod_1" on the deployment machine would result in the code not finding the module and. therefore, no values will be read form the module. 


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