How Do I Execute a Step or Subsequence Only Once in Test UUTs Mode?

Updated Mar 8, 2018

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  • TestStand

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I am using TestStand and I want to execute a step or subsequence only once before entering the UUT Loop. How can I achieve that?


In order to achieve this, you must use a Sequence File Callback from the Process Model called PreUUTLoop Callback that will be executed only once, before entering the Test UUT loop.

In the Sequence Editor, head over to the Sequences Tab, right-click and select  "Sequence File Callbacks..."

In the list that will appear in the opened menu, search for the PreUUTLoop Model Callback and click Add and OK to add the callback to the current sequence.

After the callback has been added, go inside it and describe the steps you want to execute only once, before the Test UUTs loop begins.


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