How Does the USB-5680 Measure Power?

Updated Jun 6, 2019

Reported In


  • USB-5680
  • USB-5683
  • USB-5684
  • USB-5685


  • NI-568x

Issue Details

I'm looking into purchasing one of the USB-568x series of NI power sensors, but I'm not sure of what kind of power measurement it is making and how to control it.
  • Can the USB-568x take Peak Power, Average Power, Rise Time, and Peak Frequency measurements?
  • How is the USB-568x controlled through a PC?
  • Can the USB-568x be controlled through SCPI?


The USB-568x returns average power in the full bandwidth of the device and gives a power versus time trace that may be able to be used to calculate rise time.  The USB-568x does not make peak power or frequency based measurements.

To control the USB-568x you can use one of the following methods: The 5680 can be controlled through a SCPI based instrument driver but there is no specific documentation on a SCPI library for the device.