The Serial Number of My Order and Product Do Not Match

Updated Mar 7, 2018

Issue Details

I have purchased National Instruments hardware, and noticed that the part number for my order and for the product are not the same. Is there anything wrong with my order?


If you have ordered a single piece of replacement hardware, such as a power supply, your order and the device should have the same part number.

However, if you have ordered an instrument straight from our website it will also come with some accessories. In this case, this bundle of items will have a part number separate from your main piece of hardware.

Additional Information

Generally, your delivery part number will correspond to a so called shipping kit. This will include the hardware you have purchased, but also other accessories such as power supply, manual and a CD/USB with software drivers. 

In order to keep track of which accessories to ship with which hardware, this entire kit gets its own part and serial number. However, every component of the kit will also get its own part number. If you for example need to order a new power supply at some point, you can do so using its individual part number.


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