NI Vision Correct Camera Lens and Image Distortion

Updated Oct 25, 2020



  • Vision Development Module
  • LabVIEW

  • I am using LabVIEW to process images and I have the NI Vision Development Module.  All my images have the same distortion in them due to the lens or camera that I am using.  Is there a way for me to reduce or correct the lens and camera distortion that I am seeing in my images?
  • Due to my camera setup, my images are all taken at an angle and all images are deformed in the same manner.  How can I shift the pixels in my pictures so that my images are not distorted?

Image distortions can be corrected by using the NI Vision Assistant Express VI in LabVIEW.
  1. Drop down the Vision Assistant Express VI on the VI's block diagram. (Vision and Motion >> Vision Express >> Vision Assistant)
  2. Click on Image Calibration under the Processing Functions: Image tab.
  3. In Image Calibration Setup >> Main click on New Calibration ... 
  4. Walk through the NI Calibration Training Interface to create the calibration file. 
  5. Click OK to apply the calibration file we just created. 

Additional Information

LabVIEW Calibration examples that use lower level LabVIEW VIs can be found in <labview>\examples\Vision\2. Functions\Calibration .