Can I Combine/Daisy Chain Multiple PXI Chassis Together?

Updated Oct 12, 2018

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  • PXI Chassis
  • PXI Remote Control Module
  • PXI Bus Extension Module

Issue Details

  • I am looking to daisy chain multiple PXI chassis, what additional hardware do I need to do so?
  • I have an application that needs more PXI modules than fits in one chassis. I would like to use a master chassis and have it control the other chassis. Can I do this?


When setting up and connecting multiple PXI Chassis via a daisy chain configuration there are a few routes that you can take, but the two most common are as follows:

Option 1:
You can use one PXI Bus Extension Module (i.e. PXIe-8364, PXIe-8384) and one PXI Remote Control Module (PXIe-8360, PXIe-8381) per additional chassis to connect them to one another (as described on page 6 of the PXI Remote Control and System Expansion product flyer).

Option 2:
On the master chassis (the chassis that is either tied to your host PC or running an embedded controller) you can use a PXIe-8394, PXI Bus Extension Module which will allow you to break out to multiple PXI chassis. Then on each additional PXI chassis you can use a PXIe-8398, PXI Remote Control Module to communicate back to the host PC. 

Additional Information

When connecting multiple PXI chassis please keep in mind the number of PCI buses that you will be using, the PCI standard limits a user to 256 bus lines.

Daisy chain configurations work if you wish to connect:
  • PXIe chassis to other PXIe chassis
  • PXI chassis to other PXI chassis
  • PXIe chassis to  PXI chassis (with the condition that the PXIe chassis act as the Master).


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