Error -200714 Intermittently During Data Acquisition

Updated Oct 26, 2018

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  • PCIe-6363

Issue Details

I have a program that typically runs properly, but sometimes, I get  Error -200714: Acquisition has stopped because the driver could not transfer the data from the device to the computer memory fast enough. This was caused by computer system limitations. Why do I get this error, and how do I get this?


This error often occurs on PCI cards or other cards that must transfer data to your system's memory using the same buses as other programs use. If there is too much traffic on these buses, the driver cannot receive enough data to perform the application. You must either reduce the amount of traffic your program causes on the backplane, or reduce traffic caused by other programs. Here are a few possible solutions:
  • Decrease the sampling rate of your data. Slowing down acquisition reduces traffic.
  • Increase number of samples acquired. This reduces the overall percentage of traffic that is due to packet overhead.
  • Simplify your program so that it requires less communication between the PC and your modules.
  • Reduce the number of programs running on your PC in the background.
  • End any unnecessary tasks running in the background of your PC by going into task manager and ending tasks.


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