Archived:How to Get Started with FieldPoint Programming Using LabWindows™/CVI

Updated Oct 29, 2020

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  • LabWindows/CVI


  • NI-FieldPoint

What do I need to install to get started programming FieldPoint hardware with LabWindows™/CVI? Where can I find information on how to do so?

In order to program FieldPoint hardware using LabWindows™/CVI, you must install LabWindows™/CVI and then install NI-FieldPoint (the FieldPoint drivers).
For information on configuring your FieldPoint and programming it in LabVIEW and LabWindows™/CVI, you can access the FieldPoint Help Files by going to Help»Help Topics»FieldPoint within Measurement & Automation Explorer.  

Additionally, example programs that demonstrate FieldPoint programming in CVI will be installed in your CVI\samples\FieldPoint directory when you install the FieldPoint drivers.

If the example programs are not available and FieldPoint CVI Interface is not available in LabWindows™/CVI, then it is likely that CVI was installed after the FieldPoint drivers. When you install the FieldPoint drivers, the installer will automatically detect LabWindows™/CVI if it is already on your computer. The installer will then install necessary support drivers, examples, and online help into the appropriate locations of the LabWindows™/CVI directory.


After a successful installation, you should have a FieldPoint CVI Interface entry in the LabWindows™/CVI Library menu, as well as a FieldPoint folder in the CVI\samples directory. If this FieldPoint support is not present, simply re-install the FieldPoint drivers. The installer will detect LabWindows™/CVI and install these support files.
If you have wish to use the FieldPoint API in multiple versions of LabWindows™/CVI installed on your computer, see the article onInstalling FieldPoint Support for Multiple Versions of LabWindows™/CVI.
You can ensure that the FieldPoint drivers install support for LabWindows™/CVI in the Features window of the installer as shown in Figure 1.