Error -1967362038 Editing OPC Variable in a DSM Manual Process

Updated Mar 10, 2018

Reported In


  • OPC Servers

Issue Details

I create a New Process in Distributed System Manager.
I add a IO Server to that Process.
I search for the tag I would like to monitor when I try to edit this variable the error occurs:



  1. If you are wanting to access one of the variables under the NI OPC Server (for example, ramp1), you will have to first add a variable under the process. Let's call this variable1.
  2. When configuring variable1's properties, you have to check "enable aliasing" and bind variable1 to the desired variable under the NI OPC Server (in this example, we are binding to ramp1)
  3. Variable1 is now bound to ramp1, so if you read from or write to variable1, the value will also be reflected in ramp1 and vice versa. You are also able to edit variable 1 without throwing an error.


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