Error -200478 at DAQmx Start Task

Updated May 9, 2019

Reported In


  • Multifunction I/O Device

Issue Details

I am running an application that is working with other cards in other computers. When I run it on this computer I get Error -200478 DAQmx Start 1<Append><B>Task Name: </B>_unnamedTask<8> for an analog input task.

I tried various versions of DAQmx, LabVIEW, installation order, but nothing is working. 


This error can be caused from 1 of 2 things:
  1. This error occurs when the channels of Start Tasks aren't found. Reassign where your channels are pointing to in your DAQmx tasks or DAQ assistant. It may be as simple as reselecting ai0 in module X of your DAQ device.
  2. This error also may be thrown if you are assigning tasks to cards that are compatible with the function of the task you are configuring it. For example, some cards are capable of only analog output and digital input and output tasks, but if you configure your card to perform an analog input tasks, this error may be thrown.