Can I Trigger an NI 9233 or NI 9234 Module?

Updated Aug 2, 2023

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  • NI-9233
  • NI-9234
  • CompactDAQ Chassis

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Is it possible to trigger acquisitions with the NI-9233 and NI-9234?


The NI 9233 and 9234 do not support digital or analog triggers. However, there are a couple of ways to include trigger in the acquisition of these modules based on the platform.

CompactDAQ Chassis:

With a CompactDAQ chassis, you can use an additional CompactDAQ module that supports triggering to trigger an acquisition on an NI 923x. 

For digital triggering, a module with digital input lines must be added to the CompactDAQ chassis. For example:
  • When using the cDAQ 9172 use a NI 9401 in slot 5 or 6 and the NI 923x in any other slot in the same chassis.
  • When using the cDAQ 9178 you can place the 9401 in any of the slots. This will give you access to the PFI lines of the chassis through the digital input line of the NI 9401 for digital triggering.
In addition to the NI 9401, any module with correlated DI or DIO can be used as well as the PFI pin on the 9205 and 9206.  

For analog triggering, a module that supports analog triggering must be added to the CompactDAQ chassis. For example:
  • When using the cDAQ 9172/9174/9178 chassis, use a NI 9205 in one slot and the NI 923x in any other slot in the same chassis.. 
  • The analog trigger module and the NI 923x can be placed in any slot in the same chassis. 
  • Route the trigger signal to the analog trigger module. The trigger signal must be the first channel in the task scan list.
  • Specify the Analog Trigger Source as the analog input line on the analog trigger module. 
  • A good example to work from is the Voltage-Continuous This example can be found in the NI Example Finder at Hardware Input and Output » DAQmx » Analog Input

Note: CompactDAQ 9178 has 2 Built-in BNC triggers that gives users access to trigger/synchronize the chassis with an external source without needing a digital module.


With the ENET-9163 Ethernet C Series Single Module Carrier the PFI lines on the carrier can be used for triggering.



If the NI 923x is in a USB carrier, the device cannot be triggered in hardware. Use software to acquire data over a period of time and parse the desired signal in post processing.

Additional Information

Note: PFI lines of NI-CompactDAQ 9172 are only available in slots 5 and 6 and can be accessed through any module with digital input lines inserted in either of these two slots

For a list of C series devices and the types of triggering they support, refer to Supported Trigger Types for DAQ Devices.