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Array with Uninstantiated Object Causes Error -17502 in TestStand

Updated Jul 8, 2020

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

In my TestStand sequence, I am using an action step that uses a LabVIEW code module. In this code module, I am writing to an uninitialized array that holds an uninstantiated object. When the TestStand adapter is set to the LabVIEW Development Environment the sequence runs fine. However, if I switch the adapter to using the LabVIEW Run Time Engine, I receive error -17502. 


This issue is caused due to how LabVIEW allocates memory. When the development environment is chosen, LabVIEW is able to successfully allocate the memory needed and handle this exception. However, when the Run Time Engine is being used, LabVIEW does not have the same ability.

To resolve this issue, use the Development Environment as the adapter, or make changes in the LabVIEW code modules to avoid creating an uninitialized array with an uninstantiated object.