What is the Difference Between the NI CVS-1459RT and NI CVS-1459?

Updated Mar 15, 2018

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  • CVS-1459
  • CVS-1459RT

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I noticed two different versions of this controller. What are the differences?


The 1459 runs Windows Embedded Standard 7, while the 1459RT runs NI Linux RT. This gives a few differences:

Benefits of 1459

  • With the 1459, you will have the familiar Windows environment to use directly on your controller.
  • With Windows on the 1459, you can program using Vision Builder for Automated Inspection or LabVIEW directly. By contrast, you will need to develop your code on a different PC for the 1459RT and deploy it.
Benefits of 1459RT
  • The 1459RT runs a real-time operating system, so you can create deterministic programs with very precise timing.
  • Since you'll develop your code for the 1459RT on a separate system, your deployed application will be the main thing running on the controller. You'll be able to leverage more resources on the system since you do not have the overhead of the Windows operating system.


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