Replace Spring Terminal Connector For NI C Series Module

Updated Jun 24, 2024



  • NI-9974

  • I have a cDAQ/cRIO C Series Module (like the NI 9213), and some of the spring clamps on it are defective/damaged and will not hold the wire. Is it possible to replace spring terminal connector?
  • I lost the spring terminal to my C Series Module, can I replace it?

The spring terminal connector is replaceable. To replace the connector in your C Series Module:
  1. Get a replacement connector, NI C Series devices with a spring terminal work with a NI-9974 connector.
  2. If needed, remove the old connector from your C Series module.
    • There are screws located at the top and bottom of the connector block. Remove these screws and remove the connector block.
  3. Place the new connector into the module. Secure the connector block by screwing in the top and bottom screws of the connector block.