My TestStand Deployment Does Not Correctly Include Images and CSV Files That Are Required

Updated May 30, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

My TestStand deployment does not correctly include all of my accessory files like images (PNG) and CSV files that are needed. The sequence runs without issue on my development computer but when I deploy, none of the image or CSV files are transferred with the deployment.

When I try to deploy the files from a directory, the depolyment build fails and am prompted with the following error and warning:

Error -19056: The code modules for the following steps are incorrectly specified

19204: The destinations of the following files are configured to install in a standard National Instruments directory, which might conflict with National Instruments products


Place all the files that are needed for the deployment to run into one folder and add that folder to TestStand's list of Search Directories.


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