Measure Size of Small Particles Using a Reference Particle

Updated Mar 15, 2018

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I want to measure the size of micron-sized particles based on the known size of a reference particle. Can I do this using the LabVIEW Vision Development Module?


The measurement of micron-sized particles is only feasible with the most advanced camera and lens technology. You should first consult your camera and lens manufacturer to ensure that your setup is capable of capturing the smallest features you need to measure. 

The recommended approach to spatial calibration is using a dot grid. Once the calibration has been performed, there are multiple ways to find the real-world size of a particle, including the caliper function and taking a particle area measurement. 

It is possible to take a pixel value measurement of a particle of a known size, measure the pixel value of a particle of unknown size, then use a ratio to calculate the size of the unknown particle. However, the accuracy of this method is affected by factors such as lens distortion that the user should take into account. 


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