Additional RAM for PXI and PXIe Controllers

Updated Oct 8, 2019

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PXIe Controller

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I am looking to upgrade the RAM on my PXI or PXIe Controller. I was wondering how much RAM can my controller support and if NI sells RAM for these devices.


You can upgrade the amount of installed RAM on a PXI or PXIe Controller by upgrading the SO-DIMMS. NI does sell RAM for its PXI/PXIe controllers and depending on the specific device, additional 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, or 8 GB RAM can be purchased for your controller.

This information is specific to each device. You can find this information for your PXI or PXIe Controller in the controller manual. If you do not already have access to the PXI or PXIe Controller manual, you can locate the pdf by searching for it on the NI Product Manuals search page.
  • Within the manual, the specific information related to the RAM is located within the Configuration section under the Upgrade Information heading. This section should explain what options you have for upgrading the RAM. This information may also be outlined in the RAM Specifications for PXI Embedded Controllers document.
  • If you are interested in what the maximum amount of RAM for the device is, you can locate this information in the manual within the Specifications section under the Features heading. Within the table under the Features heading, the max amount of RAM the device can have will be listed.
Note: The max amount of RAM listed in this table may only be achieved by using mulitple SO-DIMM modules. For example, the PXIe-8880 has a maximum RAM listed as 24GB. However, NI only offers an 8GB SO-DIMM module for the PXI-8880. This controller has three memory sockets. Therefore, in order to achieve the maximum 24GB, 3 8GB SO-DIMM modules will be needed.
If you are interested in purchasing additional RAM for your device you can go to our contact page to request a quote or call to speak with a Sales Engineer .