CMS-9036 Offline and Cannot Load NI InsightCM™ Image

Updated Mar 9, 2018

Reported In


  • cRIO-9036


  • NI InsightCM 3.0

Issue Details

I have a CMS-9036 that is showing up as Offline in NI InsightCM™. When I do a Test Connection, it fails, saying there is no software installed, even though I can see the software listed in NI MAX. How can I fix this?


To fix this, first try another network cable. If the Ethernet cable is unstable, this behavior could happen. If that does not change the behavior, go through the following set of steps:
  1. Format the cRIO through NI MAX, but do not install any new software yet.
  2. Load the bootstrap image onto the cRIO by following the instructions in Using the RAD Utility to Re-image InsightCM CMS-90xx Devices to Factory State.
  3. Go back to the NI InsightCM web application to Devices page»Software and click Update Application.
At this point, the device should come back Online. 


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