Single UUT Reports Using Batch Process Model in TestStand

Updated Sep 12, 2019

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  • TestStand

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I've recently changed from the Sequential Process Model to the Batch Process Model as I've started testing UUT's in parallel.  Instead of individual UUT reports per UUT, I now get a Batch report with information for all UUT's in the batch.  Is there a way to still get individual UUT reports using the Batch Process Model?


You can modify the reporting options in order to get individual UUT reports using the Batch Process Model.  To configure this, in TestStand navigate to Configure>>Results Processing.  The window below will appear.

Figure 1, Configure Result Processing

Select the icon shown to configure the options for reports.  This will launch the Report Options Dialog shown below.  In the Report File Pathname tab, there are options for how to group the reports.

Figure 2, Report Options Dialog