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Can I Replace the Hard Drive of My PXI Controller?

Updated Mar 17, 2019

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  • PXI Controller

Issue Details

  • I want to replace the hard drive in my PXI controller. Is this possible?
  • What kind of hard drive do I need to replace the hard drive of my PXI controller?


You can replace the hard drive on your PXI controller. National Instruments PXI controllers use a standard 2.5 inch IDE or SATA hard drive, except for the PXIe-8880. The PXIe-8880 uses a 1.8 inch SATA flash drive. These types of hard drives are commonly used in notebook computers. 

Additional Information

National Instruments validates shipping hard drives at the rated environmental ranges for the PXI controller and replacing the hard drive or other components may affect the environmental response. 

National Instruments recommends using 8.5 mm thick hard drives. If the hard drive is thicker than 9.5 mm, the hard drive will protrude into slot 2 of the PXI chassis.

National Instruments also sells hard drive accessories that are compatible with our controllers. To see what accessories are available for your controller, consult your controller's product page on .


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