Sub VI is Suddenly "Not Supported in Current Target"

Updated Mar 6, 2018

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

Everything has been running well within my project for weeks but this morning I made a couple of changes to my top level VI and now I am receiving a system executive error that one of my SubVIs is no longer supported for my current target. How can I resolve this error? 


Typically when we see a system executive error arise for a SubVI that has not been changed it is due to a project or library file that has become corrupt. There are a few routes that you can take to fix this issue including reverting to a previous revision of the project or creating a new project and copying your project files over to the new project. 

Additional Information

Additional details and troubleshooting steps to remedy corrupt project files can be found within the Project or Library File Is Corrupt - Troubleshooting Steps knowledge base article as well.